Brow Lift (Forehead lift)

A forehead/browlift corrects the sagging or low position of the eyebrows; softens horizontal creases across the forehead and erases the worried or angry expression that can result from frown lines.

Typical Desired Outcome:
  1. A more relaxed and refreshed appearance.
Best Candidates:
  1. Good physical health of any age.
  2. Good emotional health and realistic expectations.
  3. Sagging or low position of eyebrows.
  4. Deep horizontal creases across the forehead.
  5. Frown lines, or furrows, between the eyebrows and/or the top of the nose.
Typical Recovery Timeframe:
  1. Bandages around the forehead may be removed about 3 days after surgery.
  2. Sutures will be removed 7 to 10 days after surgery.
  3. Patient will return to light activity in 7 days.
To determine the best solution to meet your needs and discuss the operative risks involved, please call our office to schedule a convenient and confidential consultation with Dr. Oslin.

Additional information may be found at American Society of Plastic Surgeons: